Zachary Ward, Michael Barrett, Chris Ziter, Jeff Baron, Sasha Bell with special guests: Julia Rydholm, Tim Barnes, Neil Cleary, Brendan Squire, James William Hindle, Anna Jaysane-Darr, Karl Steen, Colin Clary, Kevin Barker, Ben Crum and Jedd Kettler.

Originally born out of the ashes of the late Vermont group Guppyboy, The Sixth Great Lake has held many guises through an ever-evolving family of friends. This diversity produces a body of music which, though firmly rooted in American musical traditions, can transpose itself to the needs of many listeners in a given album. The band released a full-length LP "Sunday Bridge" in 2004. This collection, steeped in back-road roots/folk and relaxed mystery, unfolds like a diary, each song revealing a new tale of friendship, love and wallowing in the warmth of company.

Sixth Great Lake look forward to making new friends and renewing old vows. The first record by The Sixth Great Lake - "Up the Country" was released in the spring of 2001 (Kindercore Records). Described as "a bucolic musical patchwork", this album garnered critical praise in prominent pockets of the musical globe. That fall they were invited to perform as one of the headlining groups at The Crossing Border Festival in Amsterdam as well as live on VPRO: Amsterdam Public Radio.